MINGER RGB LED Strip Lights 16.4ft


Add a touch of color to your life.

SKU: H61381A2

    Technical Specs:
  • Color: 16 Million Colors
  • Length: 16.4ft / 5m
  • Control Method: App + IR Remote + Control Box
  • Waterproof: No

1. APP Control LED Strip Lights: Take control of your lighting by connecting the LED strip light to your phone through the Govee Home app via Bluetooth. Instantly, turn your lights on/off, set the mood with the dimmer function, or choose your favorite color effects. DIY lighting at your fingertips.

2. Remote & Control Box for Extra Convenience: Intuitively control your lights in your room, bedroom, kitchen, office using 2 methods. The control box is user-friendly with 3 simplified buttons to control color, music, and brightness. Remote gives you added control such as pause/play, preset mode & light speed.

3. Lights Sync with Your Favorite Music: Watch the light strips dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs. With built-in, high sensitivity microphones, MINGER strip lights sync to the beat of your music. Liven up the mood with some party, gaming tunes or relax & chill with slower, softer vibes.

4. 7 Light Scenes to Set The Mood: 16.4ft LED strip color changing lights feature 7 optional scenes that transform your space to suit your mood. Whether it's the Dating scene to spice up your candlelight dinner or the Movie scene to enjoy your favorite flicks, let the strip lights set the scene in the holiday.

5. Install in Minutes: Attach the lights strip to a clean, dry indoor surface and light up your home (not waterproof). Flexible cutting design enables you to trim the lights to any length & place wherever you want. Equipped with 3M adhesive & 5 clips, deliver outstanding performance.

Bluetooth App Control

Download the Govee Home app on your phone and use Bluetooth (open distance 30m) to connect to the strip lights. Choose any mode or light scene to fit your mood.

Remote Control for Shorter Distance

Operate your lights using the remote control from a shorter distance (open distance 5-10m). DIY your lighting while chilling on your sofa and watching a movie.

Control Box for Easy Operation

Intuitive, easy-to-use control box for simple adjustment of lighting color & brightness. Turn on/off and select music mode to watch the lights dance to your music.


1. How to stick the strip lights?

Please stick the strip lights to a clean and smooth surface. Please use a dust-free cloth to clean the surface of the dust and oil residue, then install the light strip. Do not touch the adhesive side with your fingers. Press for 10-30 seconds after sticking it. The ideal operating temperature of the Tape is about -68ºF (-20ºC) and 104ºF (40ºC). If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, please heat the glue using a hairdryer first and then paste, the effect is better.

2. Can I control multiple strip lights with only one remote?

If you bought strip lights for the same model from Minger, you can use one remote to control them one by one. Due to its directional characteristics of IR receiver, you may not control all strip lights at the same time through one remote.

3. Is there a group control for strip lights?

For the wi-fi/ Bluetooth model, you can log in the APP and create a scene for group control.Please click the scene in my device - add the light strips in a group- click off then on to save the setting. You can turn on/off the light and adjust colors or brightness at the same time, music sync is not available in the scene group.

4. What is the operating temperature of strip lights?

We have designed the strip lights to be able to operate in a temperature range of -68ºF (-20ºC) and 104ºF (40ºC)

5. What is the difference between RGB strip lights and RGBIC strip lights?

Comparing to RGB strip lights, the RGBIC strip lights have added color chasing mode, and with unique built-in IC chip, the RGBIC strip lights are able to display multicolors at one time like a rainbow or aurora.


Inexpensive awesomeness


Moni Thoms July 9, 2020

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these lights! I have absolutely no complaints and in fact, this is the fastest I’ve ever reviewed anything on Amazon. I applied these to the back of my tv and they’re so pretty. The app is an extra level of awesomeness, allowing me to create my own modes or change the color via Bluetooth. These are an inexpensive way to bring new life to a room. I purchased two more sets.

AWESOME technology for the price!


Brian PromJune 19, 2020

I am super impressed by these! I wanted "night lights" in our bedroom. I want them to turn on/off at a scheduled time of the day. Also want a way to turn them on and off on both sides of the bed. These lights do that and so much more! They connect so easily to your smart phone it's amazing. Through that app you can set up the timer schedule. Multiple are able to be setup. There is a button on the end of the line that I put on the back side of one nightstand. So that's a hidden on/off switch (and can change the colors and brightness as well). The other night stand has the remote. Seriously, I'm thinking of where else to put these in my house simply because they are so cool and a great price! The strip has what seems to be a quality adhesive on it. Its only been attached to our headboard for about a week or two, but I'm not concerned about it coming loose anytime soon. I was hoping they would brighten up our room just a bit more, but not bad. Not sure if I could read with these lights given how I installed them, but honestly I'm not a big reader anyway, so likely a non-issue.

Nice lights with quality controller and good features.



I bought this as a "fun" addition to my kitchen counter. It turns out very nice and has a bunch of features. The controller is great and has Bluetooth connectivity. I wish it has wifi connectivity but that's a higher priced kit. This one is good enough. The adhesive backing is quite good. I installed half of it a certain way but didn't like the look so I peeled it off then stuck back on in a different configuration. Amazingly the backing stuck so I didn't have to buy another strip. I'm probably going to buy another set to install above my cabinets so I can sync both sets.

These are great.


James RappJanuary 31, 2020

These lights worked perfect for my guitar collection display. My kids think I went a little overboard. I think they are just jealous.