MINGER is committed to offering superior-quality, intelligent strip lights with constant innovation, bringing a touch of color in your daily routine.
Growing up, Jerry was obsessed with various DIY, especially for lighting. Wrapped string lights around a small cactus, customized auxiliary backlit for a wall artwork or decorated doors and windows using vivid, shining lights when festival was coming. Fulfillment and happiness fill in his whole body at the instance the light turns on.
Strip lights at that time, however, has once frustrated him a lot. Suddenly shut off on a mid-night party, hung down from the wall or got dimmed wrongly in a few days. These cheaply built, ordinary strip lights greatly limited his good times, which also led him to a solution.
Fast forward to 2017, MINGER was created by Jerry and Eric, those who connected over their shared love of lighting whimsy. To avoid the same frustration Jerry has suffered from, every strip light goes through more than 1,000 rigorous testings. Every item, functionally and durably, is tasked with satisfying fancy of lighting enthusiasts. Today, MINGER delivers fairly good performance in so many people’s daily life - illuminating under the cupboard, livening up atmosphere on a get-together or just unwinding exhausted body for a night’s sleep.