MINGER DreamColor LED Strip Lights 3m/9.8ft


Control your lights with the smart app.

SKU: H61611A1

    Technical Specs:
  • Color: 16 Million Colors
  • Length: 9.8ft / 3m
  • Control Way: App + Control Box
  • Power Supply: Adapter
  • Waterproof: Daily Life Waterproof

1. UNIQUE IC CONTROL BEADS: Dreamcolor led light strip equips built-in IC chips, so that a variety of colors and brightness can be changed simultaneously with frequency changes, extending the beauty and elegance of colorful throughout your entire home.

2. AMAZING MUSIC MODE: The music strip lights built-in high sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically base on the ambient sound, LED lights sync with music and suit any type of music, including slow, relaxing tunes and dance music.

3. DIY VIA APP CONTROL: LED tape lights can change colors and speed automatically and periodically. It has not only RGB & Dreamcolor, but also 16 million DIY colors in Govee Home App. Create a colorful mood lighting in your bedroom, kitchen and events like party Halloween Christmas.

4. MULTI SCENES MODE: 7 Scenes mode optional by app control: Morning, Sunset, Movie, Dating, Romantic, Blinking, Candlelight. Fill your room with perfect ambience for different occasions. Perfect colored ambient light give you an amazing visual experience.

5. SAFE TO USE: LED light strip has a low working voltage of 12V and has short circuit protection and memory function. Waterproof, extremely low-heat, touchable and safety for children and pets. The lights tape on the back come with strong adhesive, easy installation. [Notice: NOT available to cut and splice]

Sync with Music

Unique music mode, Built-in high sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically base on the ambient sound. Dim the lights, turn on some music when your party begins. It will make your party time unforgettable. Enjoy your party show with millions of color.

Decorate Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom so that you have a restful, relaxing environment. Mounting it with 3M adhesive tape in the back or plastic brackets included in the light kit. Power cable and extension cables are designed to be long enough to reach your wall outlet.

Fantastic Camping Experience

Waterproof strip lights suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations, can be used in anywhere conveniently and get perfect work in summer, create a fantastic camping experience for you. A perfect decoration for Christmas, Party, Wedding, New Year.


1.Why my strip light is not turning on when plugged?

Please make sure that the pin connection are connected arrow to the arrow at same side. Please make sure the little arch card on the light strip connector should match the bulge on the control box connector.

2.Why my remote is not working/ controlling the LED light strip?

Please make sure that your strip light is ON when plugged, firstly. Then pull out the remote insulated label when you use the remote; The remote should be faced with the raised-out IR receiver of the control box. Change a new CR-2025 battery to test.

3.How to cut the light strip and reconnected it?

You can cut RGB strip light along the marked lines. And you may need to buy 4 pin strip light connectors to connect the cutting pieces with original sections if you cut it.owever, It's not recommended to cut Dreamcolor light strip since the leds are controlled by individual IC.

4.How to connect the multi light strips together?

It's not recommended to connect multi light strips in a line because of the power issue.


Great Customer Service!


JeffersonNovember 16, 2018

The LED strip did not work when I received it. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a new strip! It works and looks great. I wish the app had a little more functionality. As far as I can tell, only four colors can be set in the DIY fade. Wake and sleep timer is a nice feature. The LED strip turns off and on automatically to the time I set as long as my phone is within Bluetooth range. This strip was a little too long for my needs so I cut about 1ft off and it still works fine.

Awesome light show


SunidazinOctober 30, 2018

Great LED Rgb kit from Minger. The sticky on the back seems better than others but I always just put some small clear tape at the edges for support on these type of lights. The app is good and functional. I like how you can have more than one color on at a time. The mic works really well, even picks up on low noise. The mic is on the controller on the side. Probably the best led strip I have used. The 3m, 9 ft version fit on the back of a 42in monitor with just a few inches of overlap. I use this on the back of a monitor for more of an interactive when playing music or gaming. There is a slight typo on the back of the product box listing 3m as 16.4ft. Overall great product.

Very High Quality LED Strip at a Fair Price


Jason ADecember 1, 2018

The controls are easy, the app works good and the strip seems like its made to last. Bought two of them, very pleased.